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L.Stadt harmoniously fuses modern rock with old school. Their songs feature powerful electric guitar, the energetically pulsating rhythms of two drummers and modern chords with melodic flavor.

Before releasing first album the band was honored by being invited to the main stage at 2007 OFF Festival in Myslowice and their songs can be found on numerous compilations, such as: “OFFensywa”, “Program Alternatywny”, “FDM”, as well as on the soundtrack (distributed by EMI Poland) to the movie Absolute Beginner.

L.Stadt’s self-titled debut album (released by agency Eventmusic), which hit the shelves on 29th of February 2008, was met with gushing reviews and the Polish media declared the band to be Polish music’s greatest hope. 2008 was touring year and L.Stadt hit single „Londyn” (only song in polish) was nominated for the best rock song of the year at Poland‘s prestigious ESKA Music Awards in 2009. The band is also an ambassador of the city of Lodz in its efforts to be named the European Capital of Culture 2016.

Between 2008 and 2009 L.Stadt played twice at one of the biggest festivals in europe Heineken Open’er and rocked at the PKOBP London Live festival at Wembley Arena. Band was touring constantly these two years also abroad playing for instance biggest Lithuanian Festival Be2gether that time. During the ViertelFest in Bremen, they recorded song “Jeff” which live take was used later on second album.

2010 L.Stadt played more gigs abroad then home. For the time of first trip to America boys played 2 night and 2 day showcases at SXSW in Austin TX and 9 other gigs including Houston, Dallas and Ft.Worth. Throughout that year they performed at most popular festivals in Poland like DachOOFka, Two editions of Taste & Feel Festival, Maj Music, ENGliwice, Heineken Open’er, Slot Art and Coke Festival. They also performed on showcase festival “Don’t Panic… We’re From Poland” in Warsaw presenting best polish acts.
Playing FILTER MAGAZINE Cedar Street showcase on SXSW fructified with second trip overseas where band showed their skills playing three gigs on CULTURE COLLIDE Festival in L.A. sharing the stage with White Lies. Afterwards at INDIE WEEK Canada in Toronto L.Stadt was amongst 10 finalist out of 170 bands.
Last months of 2010 L.Stadt was finishing work on their second album and touring with club gigs. Band decided to cooperate for album in mix and mastering with Mikael Count, San Franciscan producer known from working with names like DJ Shadow, Radiohead or No Doubt.
On the 6th of december album named EL.P was released by main polish independent label Mystic Production.

2011 started great, L.Stadt was recommended by Metro daily newspaper in Toronto to (be seen) on Canadian Music Week and Paste Magazine put L.Stadt into 100 bands at 25th anniversary SXSW and wrote „Polish vintage rockers mix in blues-rock with a hint of rockabilly. Jon Spencer meets Chuck Berry”.
April 2011 L.Stadt wins „Warranties of Culture”, polish cultural national TV award in category „rock, jazz and other” for EL.P album.
In summer L.Stadt plays a lot polish festivals like Streetwaves, Frytka OFF, Seven Festival music&more or biggest independent event OFF Festival, as well as they rocked at Moscow Afisha Picnic sharing main stage with Kaiser Chiefs. Came also second time to Belgrade to perform at Beer Fest In Serbia.

L.Stadt has under the belt over 200 gigs at festivals, clubs and showcases in Poland and abroad, including USA, Canada, Croatia, England, Germany and other middle european countries.

In February they came for the third time to Texas to make recordings for EP with covers. That project was a natural step after their American adventure as a tribute to local musicians. The material was recorded at Purple Bee in Lockhart by Grego Loboz. Mixing made by Cyrille Champange from Paris turned out to be a great decision given the final effect. Mastering was made by Shaw Hatfield. Finally, the album released October 2nd 2013 containing 7 songs from artists like Jim Sullivan, Townes Van Zandt or Lee Hazlewood and tilted „You Gotta Move” hit the shelves.
December 9th thanks to Foundation EDM+ band self-releases „You Gotta Move” album on vinyl.

Early 2014, L.Stadt is ready to make recordings for their third author album. After great reviews of „You Gotta Move” album and high opinions on the sound, L.Stadt decided to work with Cyrille Champagne again, but in a different way – he is now responsible for making recordings. Album is still in process.




Release Date: 2013/10/02
Label: Mystic Production
Format: Vinyl



Release Date: 2010/12/06
Label: Mystic Production
Format: CD



Release Date: 2008/02/29
Label: Eventmusic
Format: CD




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